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Hallo ,Haben Sie noch Fragen, bevor Sie eine Unterrichtsstunde buchen? Gibt es keinen freien Termin in meinem Kalender, der Ihnen passt? Sie möchten sich erst einmal kennenlernen, bevor Sie buchen?Schreiben Sie mir eine Nachricht und ich melde mich so schnell wie möglich bei Ihnen!
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About me:

hey, I'm Tomás, I am 18 and in the Hearthstone community people know me as pbarbosa7. I have played Hearthstone for years now, and in the 3 years I have achieved the legend rank every month on EU server, in some seasons I also played other servers. I have a lot of ladder experience and will be able to make you improve and climb the ladder, as long as you're willing to listen.

My schedule is very volatile, I can coach people from any server (EU,NA or APAC) and at as a general rule at any hour, while you're one of my students I'll also be available for you on discord for you to ask me simple questions outside of the coaching sessions.

How can I help you?

If you're looking to climb and achieve a given rank I will make a plan for you to get there and will guide you through it, I will recommend you the decks that I think you should play, based on your playstyle and on the meta, so that you can achieve results faster! I am also going to be co-oping games with you, to look at what you do well and what you do wrong, so that you can improve and know the match ups of the deck you're playing.

How would 1 hour of coaching look like?

In a 1 hour coaching session I will again help you decide which deck is the best for you, if you already know that we will discuss the best way to build that deck based on your meta, so that you can climb the fastest. We will discuss you're decks match ups and how you should play them, what the win conditions and key points of the match ups are. Should there still be time, I will spectate you while you play this deck, to try to catch some of your mistakes and fix them.

How would 2 hours of coaching look like?

With 2 hours, we would spend the first hour doing the same as we would do if we only had 1 hour, since that is the base for you to improve, then I will play friendly matches with you, to show you exactly how the theory i explained you really works and answer any specific questions you might have.

How would 3 hours of coaching look like?

With 3 hours to work with, we would start by doing the same we would be doing if we only had 2 hours, but we can go a bit more in depth with each match up, in this session I will also have time to explain other things to you that are not as crucial, but will also help you immensely, like how to use HSreplay stats to figure out your Mulligan or how to analyze your games.

This is yofinitly use the time in a different way and I will teach you whatever you want to learn. If you just want to climb as fast as you can we can also just play on your accont with me spectating you, this will probably not help you improve as much but may help you climb faster and with a better winrate.