Mohammed El Amine Zidane
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Mohammed El Amine Zidane
Hallo ,Haben Sie noch Fragen, bevor Sie eine Unterrichtsstunde buchen? Gibt es keinen freien Termin in meinem Kalender, der Ihnen passt? Sie möchten sich erst einmal kennenlernen, bevor Sie buchen?Schreiben Sie mir eine Nachricht und ich melde mich so schnell wie möglich bei Ihnen!
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Hello my name is Mohammed El amine zidane

and i'm a Challenger player currently playing for a tier 2 Team as ingame leader.

Have over 1000 hours worth of coaching experience from different games (CS:GO, Valorant, League)

My role is IGL (ingame leader) which makes me have a deeper understanding of the game rather than just pure mechanics and skill, and that will play a big role in the coaching and will give you a much deeper understanding of the game rather than just fixing small mistakes


  • Radiant on multiple accounts
  • Top 10 faceit EU
  • High tier scrim and tournaments experience
  • ex CS:GO semi pro
  • Top 100 in official Valorant eu leaderboard (posted on official valorant twitter)

What will you learn from picking me as a coach:

  • Aiming and how to improve it (with kovaak/aimlab routines)
  • Crosshair placement and overall game mechanics
  • Positioning and how to use enviroment in your favor
  • Awareness (knowing whats happening on the map at all times)
  • Communication flow (ability to be able to process and give out information quickly and efficiently)
  • Finding the role and agent that fits you the most (help you discover it)
  • How to use your Agent to the maximum efficieny
  • When and how to use ability
  • Peaking when and when not to take duels and choosing your duels
  • How to play eco and anti-eco rounds
  • When and how to Lurk or entry frag
  • When and how to Rotate
  • Working on being tilt-proof
  • And finally the best mentality to have in order to achieve a high rank

During the coaching session:

-We will talk about optimisation (optimise your equipement and settings to get the most advantage you can get out of your gear and setup) (OPTIONAL)

-Talk about how you feel about the game what you think are your mistakes, your weaknesses and strengths

-If you are new to the game i can explain the mechanics of the game and how you can quickly improve and practice them

-Teach you how to master the agent of your choosing and how to get the most out of them

-During the session we can either go over a replay of a specefic game where i can show you all your mistakes and how to improve them

or i could watch you play a game live and i could give you tips and correct you on the spot

Near the end of our coaching session i will give you training routines you can use to improve and simple tasks to do that will actively help you improve

And a recap of all the bulletpoints from our session.

Thank you for reading and looking forward to being your coach!