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Hallo ,Haben Sie noch Fragen, bevor Sie eine Unterrichtsstunde buchen? Gibt es keinen freien Termin in meinem Kalender, der Ihnen passt? Sie möchten sich erst einmal kennenlernen, bevor Sie buchen?Schreiben Sie mir eine Nachricht und ich melde mich so schnell wie möglich bei Ihnen!
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About me:

I've been playing shooters since i was a little kid and i've been in love with them ever since.

I always succeeded in reaching top ranks in every single competitive mode in different games (CS:GO, Valorant, etc)

My Valorant rank at the moment is Immortal

I love giving back to others, helping them and learning to get better in any domain, so LET'S GET SOME RANKS UP !

How will the coaching with me be like:

  • I will talk to you about your experience in the shooting games and get to know a bit of yourself so i know where to catch you up from.
  • We will discuss on different problems you encounter during games that annoys you the most and you feel like you can never get rid of.
  • We will be watching replays/live games of you so i can identify the mistakes and tell you TRICKS AND TIPS to improve based on your personalized gameplay. (If you have a stream or a recorded video with you playing)
  • Depending on the time we have to spend together, we can play games together and i will mostly focus on you and trying to give you in-game leading to help you create a WINNING play style
  • Learning you the secrets of Solo Queue and how to climb the ladder and get the highest rank you never dreamed of !

Not gonna make this too long and i will gladly tell you we can discuss over the things we should approach so we benefit the most of the time together and to make sure you get as much KNOWLEDGE off me and be really SATISFIED at the end of the lessons.

I will not be keeping track of the time like a "wanna get rid of you", i enjoy helping and will spend most of the times even more time explaining you and testing your new learned ideas so we can be sure you are progressing and getting a REAL AND TRUE win out of this